DIY LED Light Kits and Accessories

Do-it-Yourself LED Light Kits

EagleLights DIY LED Light Kits offer a flexible LED strip light that you can use for many DIY LED lighting projects. Kits include eighteen inch strips with 18 large SMD 5050 LEDs. Each strip comes with 3M adhesive backing and water resistant great epoxy coating. The LED strips connect with easy to use 4 pin connectors. DIY LED Light Mood Kits come in 4 strip (6ft) and 2 strip (3ft) and 5 meter (16ft) lengths.

DIY LED Strip kits are color changing, remote controlled and dimming.

EagleLight DIY LED Light Kit Accessories

EagleLight offers many accessories for the DIY LED Light Strip Mood Lighting Kit. These include:

  • Extension cords with 4-pin connectors for easy connections
  • Connectors in the shape of ‘T’ connectors, ‘L’ connectors and ‘X’ connectors. Each with easy to connect 4-pin connectors.
  • Extra 18 inch LED strips
  • 5 meter LED strip light DIY LED light kits
  • High Power LED power supplies
  • 12VDC power connectors
  • Extra DIY LED light kit remote controllers
  • Customizable DIY LED light kit controllers with 24 key, 28 key and 44 key remotes

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